“Implemented good ideas efficiently. Creating value for humans ”

 about us

prasch buken partner is a young office with many years of experience and expertise. In 2015, Alf. M. Prasch and Frank Buken from the partnership and cooperation of Tchoban Voss Architekten, to found the office of prasch buken partner architekten at the Hamburg Elbe. With its associated partners Nel Bertram and Bernd Borgolte, the office now employs 35 people and supports demanding projects in the fields of urban planning, apartment and hotel, commercial and commercial real estate, from idea to implementation. A living office culture and the requirements set by our clients motivate the entire team time and again to develop and design new solutions.  

– Solutions with which we feel committed to a public in terms of urban planning and which will continue to exist tomorrow.

– Solutions that respect the old and at the same time create conditions for a timeless architecture.

– Solutions that are developed in close communication with our builders so that they have a high quality standard, work, are efficient and have value. The sensitive and targeted handling of form gestures corresponds to our understanding of solid craftsmanship. Architecture is not an end in itself for us. Architecture means creating value for us. Values ​​for the human being, who should not only feel well in the built environment, but also be stimulated by our architecture. To put it in Philip Johnson’s words:

 Architecture “can please people, astonish them, they can make them feel good …”